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Adidas Wallpaper Installation of branded wallpaper for global sports retailer, Adidas.

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The project.


The corridor section consists of six different shaped stud walls constructed of plywood of around 3.2m high and various widths. These consisted of a straight wall, chimney breast and triple aspect or zig-zag wall. But the kitchen was constructed of two adjoining walls to a 120 degree angle.

In absence of any wallpaper design instructions from the digital printers, our wallpaper installer had to spend some time to understand the wallpaper design to ascertain if any allowances have been made for trim waste, pattern loss and other factors that may affect wallpaper installation, particularly custom digital wallpaper where there is no room for error.

The result.

For the corridor sections. the wallpaper design was a combination of browns and yellows circulating around the Adidas logo. This digital wallpaper was printed into 3.2m drops of 1075mm wide and installed using traditional butt join to match.

The 120-degree kitchen wall was installed with another custom design wallpaper featuring hexagon shapes of three different colours wrapped around the Adidas logo. This wallcovering was printed with absolute minimum wastage to top and bottom and just under 1080mm wide.

As soon as our wallpaper installer had completed the Adidas wallpaper installation, the workshop guys proceeded to dismantle the stud walls carefully and load onto lorry to transport to the location. All on schedule for the film and photoshoot.

For free quote call 0203 930 0645 (24-hours)

Adidas custom brand digital wallpaper print and installation for film set and photoshoot location