Professional Standards

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All our Painters and Decorators uphold our Ethical and Professional Standards.

Ethical Standards

  • Integrity – to act with utmost integrity at all times, including providing honest professional advice, transparent business practices including pricing
  • Privacy – to respect the privacy of our client, their colleagues, visitors and customers in so far as possible.
  • Confidentiality – to remain confidential at all times, except where a person or persons may harm themselves or others and whistle-blowing including a protected disclosure to the authorities.

Good Practice Standards

  • Protect – to promote and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, be responsible for own health and safety, their co-workers and anyone around the work area including the general public. To wear correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the task in hand, at all times. To isolate all work areas from the general public or anyone who should not access the work area unaccompanied. To protect all property and business assets, including but not limited to, floor-coverings, soft furnishings, lights, furniture, fixtures such as whiteboards and pictures, switches and sockets.
  • Prepare – prior to any painting and decorating, to carry out thorough preparation of all surfaces including raking (taking out by scraping), filling, sanding and wipe down with damp cloth and sweep and/or vacuum work areas regularly to minimise dust evaporation and dirt transfer.
  • Apply – to apply all paint in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, consistently and to a very high standard of finish, whether by brush, roller or spray. The same applies to wallcoverings including wallpaper, wide vinyl and fabrics.
  • Clean – to keep work area clean and tidy at all times during works, including immediate clean up of spillages or splashes. To clean work area and any adjoining areas of all dust, dirt and debris. To stow and remove any waste from work area/property, responsibly and in accordance with correct disposal instructions and local regulations in force.
  • Check – prior to vacating the work area, perambulate to check for omissions, spillages, runs, dirt or debris. Check all lights, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and other appliances are switched off, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Secure – prior to vacating work area/property, close all windows, internal fire doors, storage cupboards, gates and external doors. Handover security in accordance with Client, Site or Building Manager instructions.
Phantom Painters and Decorators Professional Ethical Standards