Exterior Facade Restoration London

  • Image of office building in Soho Central London following brick cleaning, stone treatment and window painting
  • Image of ground floor office block exterior facade restoration including anti-graffiti sealant treatment
  • Image of finished window painting and stone treatment
  • Image of top floor original stone parapet wall following repair and treatment with Stonelux paints
  • Image of completed weathered brick detail restoration

Soho London W1F

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The brief.

Our clients had acquired this commercial building recently and sought a London exterior facade restoration contractor. So we were contracted to advise the client on various aspects of the project and provide full management of the same.

As part of our advisory role, having surveyed the condition of the exterior facade we were able to recommend the work required, cost and the best products to get the best result including exterior stone paints, specialist coatings such as anti-graffiti sealants and brick facade cream.

Scope of work.

The scope of work for this exciting exterior facade restoration project in Central London was wide and varied that it was necessary to bring in and co-ordinate different professionals including:

  • Construct scaffolding up to 5th floor to reach capping stones on gable walls.
  • Brick cleaning, of all red bricks and tinting and repair any corroded brickwork, mostly to the weathered parts to the top of the building.
  • Stonework cleaning and mortar joint repair to largely the original parapet wall.
  • Exterior window painting of 24 original sash windows using high quality exterior paint, Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin.
  • Treatment of original stonework with specialist exterior stone effect paints by Stonelux Paints.
  • Preservation of cleaned red bricks by applying Permagard Facade Cream to reduce moisture.
  • Prevention from further graffiti and flyposting attacks to ground floor level by applying a suitable anti-graffiti sealant without changing the aesthetics of the original treated stone.

The challenges.

  • Getting materials delivered to a very bustling area of Soho with virtually no parking was going to be impossible. Although the site was in the centre of Soho, being an eco-friendly painting and decorating contractors, we do not have to contend with parking issues. With some advance planning, we relied on getting materials shipped to another address and bring over as and when required.
  • Applying specialist stone paint to real stonework is not the same as conventional masonry painting which required a specialist decorator who has experience using Stonelux stone effect paints. Fortunately, unlike other decorating contractors, we had our own specialist decorator with the experience!
  • Carrying out exterior commercial painting work sensitively with consideration for staff and visitors in the building. In liaison with the client and their tenants, we tried as much as possible to carry out specific activities on certain days when they are not in the office.
  • Maintaining safe and healthy work areas at all times with constant flow of passing pedestrians on a narrow pavement.

The result.

  • This completed exterior facade restoration will improve the client landlord’s brand and attract desirable commercial tenants in the future. It also illustrates that the landlord cares about the building.
  • The original stonework looks very clean and modern for a busy city building while retaining stone integrity. The effects you expect to see on real stone can still be seen today.
  • Local property owners, especially other commercial landlords will be inspired to think about preserving their buildings in a similar way.
  • Importantly, we had observed happy tenants and staff who really like the exterior façade finish. This is certainly a motivation for staff to come into the office!.

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For free quote call 0203 930 0645 (24-hours)

Image of office building in Soho Central London following brick cleaning, stone treatment and window painting