London Court Hotel, Earls Court

  • First Floor Reception corridor Ted Baker Antiquity digital wallpaper mural
  • Ground Floor Entrance, Ted Baker Antiquity Mural
  • Muraspec Union Celeste Green and Ted Baker Antiquity, separated by painted light hardwood Reed moulding
  • Earls Court Hotel Interior Decorating
  • Muraspec Ted Baker Antiquity, Mirage Collection

Earls Court hotel enhances guest experience at check-in.

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The brief.

Scope of work.

The challenges.

As interesting as this project was, it did not come without its challenges, including:

  • Scheduling the first feature wall to ground floor immediately following the Christmas weekend and before the New Year festivities commenced.
  • Being a very busy Central London hotel, operating from the early hours in the morning until midnight, most of the ground-floor work had to be carried out from midnight until around 0600.
  • With the ground floor corridor being the hotel’s only entrance for guests, staff and suppliers, did mean cutting off the entrance entirely was not an option.
  • Very limited working areas available in the hotel to work with 1.3 metre wide wallcoverings meant we had to be very efficient and practical in the way we work.
  • Installing a heavy 1.3m wide vinyl in a narrow corridor less than a metre wide but 3.5m high, further obscured by an ornate suspended ceiling made installation even more tricky.

With nearly 30-years commercial decorating experience under our belt, we had successfully overcame these installation challenges.

Project Timeline.

This project timeline shows how we worked around the hotel’s operating hours and the limited space available, to deliver the brief successfully, without compromising our high professional standards.

  • Prior to commencing work at the hotel, we primed and applied hard-wearing eggshell to the wood moulding off-site.

  • Monday 27 December 2021, work commenced on ground floor feature wall from midnight until around 0600.

  • Thursday 30 December 2021, we complete ground-floor feature wall in time for the New Year.

The result.

Here is what the client said…

Quality Workmanship – I have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan as a highly skilled and conscientious professional with a high standard of workmanship and work ethics. He was meticulous in installing some very complex wall coverings in some challenging spaces and his painting skills are also flawless.

Hemang Popat, Managing Director, Trustpilot, March 2022

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