Painting and Decorating Client Care

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All our clients are important to us, even after the job is finished.

We are aware, and fully appreciate, that our clients do not necessary possess any knowledge or experience of working with painters and decorators in their workplace, so we have thought of some things to get you started.

Before any painting and decorating work…

  • We will produce a comprehensive Schedule of Works setting out all the work required. For large and complex projects, we will also agree with you realistic timescales for each phase of your project.
  • We suggest all staff, concierge and security (both internal and external) are informed of the works and recommend a keyholder is nominated to provide access and to secure the property. It would be helpful if you would inform us of any parking and/or drop-off points on or near your premises.
  • We suggest any furniture are moved away from surfaces to be painted and/or wallpapered, remove any posters, pictures etc. and clear all workstations. Tip! Under workstations make good stowage for small assets. It would be helpful if you are able to allocate us temporary storage for materials, equipment, such as a small cupboard or outdoor storage.
  • You will be assigned your ‘go-to’ Project Manager for advice, updates and any complaints or concerns you may have.

During painting and decorating works…

  • Your assigned Project Manager will be making frequent visits to the work area to monitor progress and carry out quality control checks.
  • If you or your colleague wish to visit the work area please inform your Project Manager for accompanied visits and report to the Site Manager or Supervisor who will provide you with correct personal protective equipment (PPE) while visiting the work area.

After decorating works…

  • Before signing off the final phase, we will carry out one site inspection with you to check the quality of works and that all work has been completed to agreed specification as outlined in the Schedule of Works.
  • After we have your sign off for the work, we will ask you for your honest feedback and evaluation on all aspects of our services.

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