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New baby to receive nature inspired Sian Zeng Mural wallpaper welcome.

Mural Size


Little Greene Paint

2 Litres



Lovely Dog Timbit


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The project.

We are recommended mural wallpaper installers for the Sian Zeng Hua Trees.


The customer said that the mural was originally intended for a smaller wall in the master bedroom. Our mural installer immediately spotted a potential issue – the actual width size of the Sian Zeng Hua Trees mural. The mural size was in fact around 10cm too short and 30cm too long.

Mural wallpaper are not the same as traditional wallpaper

Rather unlike traditional wallpaper designs, with a pre-printed mural it is not always possible to change the intended wall because a mural is a large picture divided into unique set of panels. Whereas wallpaper designs are usually repeat patterns.

Fear not, our Sian Zeng mural installer came up with a workable solution to ensure the Sian Zeng Mural Nursery is ready for the baby’s arrival. We had discussed several options suggested by our mural installer. It was agreed two vertical borders were to be painted to each side.

Another day, our mural installer returned to apply the customer’s chosen paint, Little Greene Slaked Lime 105 Intelligent Emulsion to the vertical borders. And Intelligent Eggshell of the same colour to the mural wall skirting.

Once the paint had fully dried, our installer returned to install the Sian Zeng Hua Trees mural in two-hours. As per the customer’s requested mural design, the installer installed the Hua Trees mural in the B C A B sequence.

The result.

With each mural panel being 30cm too long, our installer cleverly trimmed off 20cm from the top of the mural design to reduce the overall “white space” which allows for more of the green forest trees.

This project was most enjoyable and satisfying. While there were a few challenges, our installer managed to resolve them. The only real challenge with installing this Sian Zeng mural was when Timbit, the lovely dog, was licking the installer’s ear while trimming the final mural panel around the socket. It certainly was a lovely distraction and conclusion for our mural installer!

Here is what our client said:

Fantastic experience with Jonathan…5-stars

Fantastic experience with Jonathan, who recently hung a beautiful Sian Zeng mural in our nursery. Jonathan was very professional, prompt and so responsive. From me reaching out to the installation, it only took two weeks. He was creative with problem solving and we are thrilled with the finished product!! Will definitely be contacting Phantom and Jonathan again!

Allie DePetrillo, Battersea, Google, March 2023

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Image of Sian Zeng Hua Trees Green mural taken by Sian Zeng