Phantom Ten Point Promise

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We are the only London Painters and Decorators that publish a Ten Point Promise.

Trade ethically

Phantom Painters and Decorators will be open, honest and transparent with all stakeholders and the general public. We will give straight-forward and clear advice from our 30-years experience.

See the Phantom Painters Ethics and Professional Standards.

Communicate effectively and efficiently

Phantom Painters and Decorators will communicate with you effectively and efficiently using the latest technology, such as email, WhatsApp and video-conferencing. All clients be allocated a personal Project Manager for initial and ongoing advice and update.

Protect the environment

Phantom Painters and Decorators recognise climate change and the environment is important and we all have a duty to minimise any affect through our actions as painters and decorators. We will be considerate of any impact our trading has on the environment – from operating paperless, recycling, minimal use of diesel fuel, responsible waste disposal and use of non-toxic materials.

See the Phantom Painters Environment and Sustainability Statement.

Match on price

Complete on time

Phantom Painters and Decorators will discuss and agree with you key stages and deadlines to minimise any delay or disruption to your business. For larger and complex projects we will provide a detailed schedule with deadlines for each phase of your project.

Protect your property and assets

Phantom Painters and Decorators will ensure your property and business assets are adequately protected such as floors, work surfaces, workstations, electrical equipment etc from damage, spillages and paint splashes. We will also ensure your property is secure during and after painting and decorating works.

Minimise any disruption to your business

Use only high quality products

Demonstrate professional standard of workmanship

Phantom Painters and Decorators will carry out painting and decorating work with due care and skill of a professionally qualified painter and decorator. Phantom Painters will guarantee for two-years, all work is free from workmanship defects such as paint runs, splashes, peeling, flaking, omissions, rough surfaces, holes and cracks. Phantom Painters will rectify workmanship issues in this period, free of charge.

See the Phantom Painters Two Year Workmanship Guarantee.

Ensure clean environment at all times

Phantom Painters and Decorators will ensure all work areas are clean and tidy, during works and after. We will reinstate any assets we have moved, such as tables, chairs, electrical equipment etc as well as re-affixing any fixtures such as door and window furniture, whiteboards, pictures etc. We will endeavour to maintain the status quo in work areas so you can continue your business or be ready to operate at business hours.

Phantom Painters Decorators Richmond London Ten Point Promise

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