Wallpaper Installation Muswell Hill

  • Image of Muraspec Vita Red Wallcovering in Muswell Hill apartment
  • Image of Muraspec Wallcoverings Installation Muswell Hill hallway
  • Image of Muraspec Wallcoverings Vita Red 01C31
  • Image of Elitis Wallpaper Raffia Madagascar VP63124 in hallway Muswell Hill
  • Image of hallway Elitis Wallpaper by paperhangers Muswell Hill
  • Image of Elitis wallpaper Madagascar in Muswell Hill guest bedroom
  • Image of Elitis wallpaper Madagascar in Muswell Hill hallway
  • Image of the Elitis wallpaper Madagascar in Muswell Hill bedroom
  • Image of Elitis Wallpaper VP63124 Raffia Madagascar

Premium wallpaper installation to new apartment in Muswell Hill

Elitis Madagascar Wallpaper

12 rolls

Muraspec Vita Wallcovering




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The project.

To our advantage, the entire project was all planned by the interior design studio.

Qualified wallpaper installers in Muswell Hill London


We installed two different wallpapers in two of the bedrooms, living room, dining area and open-plan hallway in a newly built three-bedroom apartment.

Elitis high-end wallpaper

The Elitis Madagascar VP63124 is a premium quality French wallpaper part of Raffia & Madagascar wallpaper collection. This tough washable wallcovering was installed throughout an open plan lounge, dining, hallway and the guest bedroom and study in Muswell Hill in affluent North London.

The Elitis Raffia & Madagascar is an embossed vinyl on paper ground with an aspect of vegetal fiber with Class A permanent fire rating, excellent stain and knock resistance making it ideal for residential and commercial walls including hotels.

Muraspec wallcoverings

Rather unlike traditional wallpaper, Muraspec wallcoverings usually come in wide-width. In this case, the Muraspec Vita Red 01C31 is a 1.3m wide fabric-backed vinyl that requires specialist installation. The Vita is available in 18 colourways with a metallic finish. This wallcovering has Class B fire rating, is fully washable and contains biocide, making it the ideal wallcovering for residential and commercial environments.

The result.

Here is what one of our clients said:

Fantastic experience with Jonathan…5-stars

Fantastic experience with Jonathan, who recently hung a beautiful Sian Zeng mural in our nursery. Jonathan was very professional, prompt and so responsive. From me reaching out to the installation, it only took two weeks. He was creative with problem solving and we are thrilled with the finished product!! Will definitely be contacting Phantom and Jonathan again!

Allie DePetrillo, Battersea, Google, March 2023

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Image of Elitis wallpaper Madagascar and Muraspec Vita wallcovering in Muswell Hill living room