Two Year Quality Guarantee

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We take great professional pride in all of our painting and decorating work

As qualified painters and decorators, we take professional pride in all of our work to ensure the highest standard of workmanship. To reassure our clients, we provide a two-year Workmanship Guarantee against all workmanship including:

  • Omissions – where painted surfaces have been missed, such as edges or spots
  • Flaking or peeling – to surfaces painted by us due to incorrect preparation.
  • Runs, brush or roller marks – that appear on surfaces painted by us due to excessive paint application.
  • Cracks – hairline cracks that can appear around edges near wood or metal work such as across skirting boards, architraves etc due to incorrect or missed preparation.
  • Rough surfacing – where any surface painted by us has signs of roughage due to inadequate or no sanding or dust / debris transfer onto wet paint.
  • Paint splashes, droplets or spillages to floor-covering, soft-furnishing or other assets in vicinity at time of painting.
  • Air bubbles – these can appear after wallpapering, where a spot of the wallpapering had trapped air, insufficient brush out and/or missed adhesive.
  • Other defects or substandard due to workmanship – it is not possible to list all defects or substandard work so we will draw on our 30-years experience and advise you whether any defect or substandard is due to our workmanship.

Putting things right

  • If you notice any workmanship defects or substandard work, take photographs and contact us as soon as possible. If you are uncertain if a defect or substandard is due to workmanship, contact us anyway, we will advise you.
  • We will visit the site and re-inspect our workmanship and hear any concerns you may have.
  • If any defect or substandard is due to workmanship, we will schedule a date to return and put right, free of charge. Clients are advised that where we put right any defects or substandard work after 18-months since the work was completed, there may be slight colour indifference, however we will keep this to a minimum.

Guarantee Limitations and Exclusions

As with all guarantees, there are limitations:

  • The Phantom Painters and Decorators Workmanship Guarantee only covers any work carried out by us – on a non-subcontract basis – in the preceding two-years, from date of completion and where materials (paint, wallcovering etc.) were supplied by us. This is because we can only recommend using certain premium quality paint and wallpaper brands for the job in hand to achieve the best result.
  • Our Workmanship Guarantee only applies to workmanship defects or substandard work, and does not include any building defects e.g.; subsidence; new-building defects such as cracks that can appear in first six-months due to foundation setting; defects caused by wear and tear; defects caused by other trades-persons or defects caused by an act of negligence, criminal damage or adverse weather.
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