Battersea Power Station, industrial living in modern times

Battersea Power Station London

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As high-end painters and decorators, we have the privilege of seeing some interesting living spaces across London. But the location of our latest project really was unbeatable; the iconic Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station – a brief history

Battersea Power Station was built in 1929 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect behind the iconic red telephone boxes. One of his plans were for the 50-metre chimneys to be square, not circular as they are today. The iconic power station was built in two phases – Battersea A and B, completed in 1935 and 1944 respectively. It has been said that Battersea Power Station survived World War II because the plumes from the chimneys had navigational purpose for the RAF and Luftwaffe, thus avoided aerial bombardment. Battersea Power Station did not have its fourth chimney until 1955.

In its 54-year history, Battersea Power Station supplied as much as 20 percent of London’s electricity until it was decommissioned in 1983 and sat derelict for many decades. Londoners often wondered whether the power station would be demolished; in line with the demising fate of many power stations around the country to make way for cleaner energy. Battersea Power Station was awarded Grade-II listed status in 1980 – just three years before being decommissioned. But the future of this historic Grade-II listed building was uncertain until many locals successfully campaigned for it to be spared demolition.

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Battersea Power Station, London, Corridor
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Battersea Power Station, Interior Industrial Design

Interior decoration of industrial past

Battersea Power Station Apartment: Living Room
Battersea Power Station Apartment: Kitchen
Battersea Power Station: Master Bedroom
Battersea Power Station: Bedroom Two

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