Guest Bedroom Wallpaper Mural

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  • Sian Zeng Hua Trees Green
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  • Sian Zeng Hua Trees Green recommended paint colours with Farrow and Ball and Little Greene
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Wimbledon guest bedroom receives Sian Zeng Mural wallpaper treatment.

Mural Size


Mural Panels


Little Green Paint

1 Litre

Farrow & Ball Paint

5 Litre

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The project.

We are recommended mural wallpaper installers for the Sian Zeng Hua Trees.


In addition to the mural installation, the remainder of the room was fully decorated.

The ceiling and decorative cornice was painted in Farrow and Ball All White 2005. All walls, above the picture rail, were painted in Farrow and Ball Strong White 2001, with the wood picture rail receiving an eggshell finish.

The original doorframe and architrave were fully prepared marrying up some rather poor joinery before painting in Little Greene Pearl Colour Mid 168. However all skirting and the door was new and painted in Pearl Colour Mid 168 Intelligent Eggshell.

Unfortunately our building customer did not elect for removing existing wallcovering and install lining paper. This would ensure a very even surface and protect the wallpaper mural for years to come.

We always recommend removing previously painted wallpaper and installing lining paper to give much greater adhesion. This also ensures the newly installed mural does not lift or come away in future while holding onto old wallcovering. There is always a risk that the weight of new adhesive will pull the old adhesive away from the wall.

For best results, install lining paper for your mural especially if the walls are old

Once the paint had fully dried, our mural installer returned to install the Sian Zeng Hua Trees mural in just a few hours. The customer had requested the mural be ‘lifted’ so that more trees are featured on this old original wall that was only 2.2m high to the picture rail.

The result.

Despite the building customer going against our professional advice, the guest bedroom wallpaper mural installation looks stunning, for now at least.

The Sian Zeng Hua Trees Dusty Green complements the Little Green Pearl Colour Mid 168 very well.

The wallpaper installer cleverly used the short chimney breast as a feature to the overall mural. The installer followed the pattern as closely as possible so whichever angle you see the mural, no mural design pattern is lost.

Here is what another client said:

Fantastic experience with Jonathan…5-stars

Fantastic experience with Jonathan, who recently hung a beautiful Sian Zeng mural in our nursery. Jonathan was very professional, prompt and so responsive. From me reaching out to the installation, it only took two weeks. He was creative with problem solving and we are thrilled with the finished product!! Will definitely be contacting Phantom and Jonathan again!

Allie DePetrillo, Battersea, Google, March 2023

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Image of Sian Zeng Hua Trees Green mural taken by Sian Zeng