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  • Image of Hotel Decorators Exterior Painting Heeton Concept Hotel Kensington London
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Hotel decorators exterior painting revamp Heeton Concept Kensington following rebranding.



Masonry Paint

70 litres

Hotel Decorators




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The project.

Our specialist hotel decorator and Project Manager planned the hotel exterior painting to avoid any disruption to the hotel staff and guests. Importantly, our hotel decorators kept guest perception in mind at all times during this hotel exterior painting project.

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All masonry was painted in Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint Pure Brilliant White. For the windows, our hotel painter and decorator recommended they are painted in exterior satin to give a subtle rather than gloss sheen against the matt masonry paint.

The doors were not included in the project until a later stage. The hotel General Manager asked us to paint the original double panel moulded doors. They add much charm to the character of the building so we sought to make the doors look exceptionally good. Although the General Manager requested a colour close to the original, we recommended the Leyland Trade Wet Weekend because it was a creamy grey in a satin finish. We thought the paint name was rather apt for a hotel too!.

Attention to detail is key in all hotel exterior painting projects. To ensure long lasting exterior paint protection we painted the capping stones in black except for the masonry stair risers and capping stones to give a monochrome contrast. Particularly the original ironwork that were prepared thoroughly and painted with Sandtex 10-year Exterior Black Gloss to give some shine.

The most challenging part of this hotel exterior decorating project was mainly with access to lower ground bay window pits because not all of them were gated.

Before wrapping up this hotel exterior painting project our hotel painters painstakingly removed all old paint from each of the doorway ceramic stairs because they did not look good against freshly white painted walls.

The result.

We are especially pleased with our hotel decorators that applied the finishing touches to this hotel exterior paying particular attention to ornate edges and decorative ironwork to preserve the charm of this rather long period building.

Painting the capping stones black not only draws out the character of this period building but is likely to remain looking new for a good while from passing foot traffic.

To keep this lovely hotel very well maintained only requires responsive maintenance to prevent any part of the building becoming weathered especially following strong wind and rain.

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