Battersea Power Station decor in modern times

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As specialist painters and decorators, we have the privilege of seeing some interesting living spaces across London. But the location of our latest project really was unbeatable; the iconic Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station – a brief history

Battersea Power Station was built in 1929 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect behind the iconic red telephone boxes. One of his plans were for the 50-metre chimneys to be square, not circular as they are today. The iconic power station was built in two phases – Battersea A and B, completed in 1935 and 1944 respectively. It has been said that Battersea Power Station survived World War II because the plumes from the chimneys had navigational purpose for the RAF and Luftwaffe, thus avoided aerial bombardment. Battersea Power Station did not have its fourth chimney until 1955.

In its 54-year history, the Power Station supplied as much as 20 percent of London’s electricity until it was decommissioned in 1983 and sat derelict for many decades. Londoners often wondered whether the power station would be demolished; in line with the demising fate of many power stations around the country to make way for cleaner energy. Battersea Power Station was awarded Grade-II listed status in 1980 – just three years before being decommissioned. But the future of this historic Grade-II listed building was uncertain until many locals successfully campaigned for it to be spared demolition.

Battersea Power Station Switch House West Concierge
Switch House West, Concierge
Battersea Power Station Residents Corridor
Residents Corridor
Battersea Power Station original ironworks
Original Ironworks
Battersea Power Station interior industrial design
Interior Industrial Design

Battersea Power Station decor of industrial past

Industrial interior painting

Battersea Power Station Decor Apartment Living Room
Battersea Power Station Apartment: Living Room
Battersea Power Station Apartment Kitchen
Battersea Power Station Apartment: Kitchen

Open plan kitchen and living décor in industrial times

Battersea Power Station Decor Master Bedroom
Battersea Power Station: Master Bedroom
Battersea Power Station Guest Bedroom
Battersea Power Station: Bedroom Two

Battersea Power Station Painting and Decorating

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Battersea Power Station at night

Two British leading brands produce exclusive wallpaper

International fashion brand, Ted Baker have teamed up with Muraspec Wallcoverings – a global leader of commercial wallcoverings, to design and manufacture an exclusive collection of Ted Baker wallpaper.

As Ted Baker enters the home and furnishings market, it makes sound partnership to commission a global leader of wallcoverings, Muraspec wallcoverings – a British firm of heritage spanning over 170 years, based in picturesque Garden of England, Kent where their wallcoverings are designed and manufactured using both traditional and modern technologies.

Muraspec is a brand that many commercial wallcovering installers, like Phantom Painters and Decorators, will be familiar with. As professional decorators installing a range of wallcoverings for the home and commercial sectors, we have seen the wallpaper fashion trend making a return to previous levels in the 90s but there is more demand now for commercial-grade wallpapers you may have seen in a hotel or restaurant, can now be installed in your home, thanks to Muraspec Wallcoverings and Ted Baker.

The Muraspec Ted Baker collaboration means consumers have wider choice of wallpaper designs for their home or office. We think the latest collection design is synonymous with the Ted Baker brand with subtle elements of the wallpaper design being found in their clothing range. In the Ted Baker wallpaper range there are four different wallpaper collections to choose from – Enchanted, Fantasia, Eden and Mirage. Each of these collections have more designs for you to choose from that will complement any wall in your home or workplace.

Enchanted Collection
Fantasia Collection
Eden Collection
Mirage Collection

Ted Baker Eden Wallpaper Collection

We took a closer look at the Ted Baker Eden Wallpaper collection which consist of eight unique pattern designs inspired by tropical settings and nature – rather aptly & uniquely named Carmel, Compala, Leafit, Jagu, Chesnut, Macaw, Piner and Treetops. While many of us cannot travel to exotic places, we can bring these into the home to keep our travel aspirations alive and kicking. The Eden collection is not only for those with travel and adventures in mind but equally suitable for environment and nature lovers.


As professional wallcovering installers, we feel that the Carmel design from the Eden wallpaper Collection is so versatile and will complement a characterful period building as well as adding some vintage character to modern homes. We particularly like the Eden Carmel design range because of our love for period and stately buildings, where these designs could quite easily complement the heritage and character of a building whilst giving a modern look and feel with a hint of vintage.

Eden Collection, Carmel, Black
Eden Collection, Carmel, Cream
Eden Collection, Carmel, Pink
Eden Collection, Carmel, Green
Eden Collection, Carmel, Blue
Eden Collection, Carmel, Silver

The Carmel design pattern offers many wall décor ideas. Here are a few decorating ideas for your home, office or hotel. You could install the Eden Carmel Silver on three walls and colour-match and paint one wall in the green bamboo leaves. Alternatively, you could reverse this idea with the Eden Carmel wallpaper on one wall and paint the remaining walls in bamboo leaf green. There are many ideas and applications depending on whether it is for the home, commercial or hospitality interior, we think that is what makes it so versatile. So whether you are looking for something vintage to complement your period or modern space, or simply looking to create a feature wall, the Ted Baker collection of murals and wallpapers are ideal.

Each of the Ted Baker wallpapers are either fabric-backed vinyls or printed non-woven non-PVC and come in 60cm x 10m rolls – enough to cover approximately 6 square metres. All of the Ted Baker wallpapers are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rated – in layman terms, this means your wallcovering is manufactured with minimal or zero chemical substances harmful to health or environment. All wallcoverings are fully washable making it ideal for installing in the home and commercial spaces. Some wallcoverings have biocidal properties preventing harmful bacteria, more suited for clinical environments. Importantly for hospitality interiors, the Ted Baker wallpaper range are fire retardant and IMO rated.

Professional Wallcovering Installation

Not all wallcoverings can be installed or hung the conventional way, especially murals and wide-width vinyl. Installation requires considerable skill and expertise to ensure the best results and minimise any errors and waste. Importantly, as professional wallpaper hangers, we ensure pattern consistency throughout. So why not contact Phantom Painters and Decorators for a free no obligation quote to install your chosen Ted Baker wallpaper?

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Ted Baker Wallpaper Collection by Muraspec Wallcoverings