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Teddington painter and decorator creates feature walls using paint and wallpaper

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The project.

This painting and decorating project in Teddington was not urgent. However our Teddington painter and decorator carried out the work in planned and methodical stages to avoid any disruption to a busy family home.

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To substitute the feature wall paint, the client chose the Morris and Co Willow Bough . The Willow Bough wallpaper pattern was designed by William Morris in 1887. The wallpaper installed is the Olive and Turquoise inspired from the 1970s.

Importantly, to ensure this wallpaper feature looks very good, our wallpaper hanger planned the installation with the air-conditioning unit and dormer roof trusses at each end in mind. Accordingly, this ensures the wallpaper is neat and perfectly trimmed around all edges, making the roof trusses part of the feature rather than an obstacle.

Afterwards, our Teddington painters and decorators painted the dining area feature wall in Farrow and Ball Card Room Green 79 which is a dark grey green.

Following the dining area, the Teddington painter and decorator commenced work in the three-storey hall stairs and landing. Firstly, our painter and decorator had to colour match the existing colour as close as possible. And how accurate it was! The top half of the walls were then painted in Farrow and Ball Strong White 2001, a very light grey to give a contemporary feel in a period house.

We also did some localised repairs to balustrades which were recently removed to allow furniture to be installed in the living room. Then carried out careful preparation to marry up the cut and painted in a white eggshell finish.

Having made good to all the woodwork and white edges, the painter and decorator returned to skilfully paint below dado in Farrow and Ball Sulking Room Pink 295. This colour is not your typical bright pink but more a muted warm rose, adding a touch of vintage to the modern family home.

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The result.

The Teddington wallpaper hanger did an exceptional job installing the Morris and Co wallpaper. We think this wallpaper design brings some history and vibrancy into a newly constructed space without making the room too dark or loud.

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The Farrow and Ball Sulking Room Pink has really transformed the hall, stairs and landing of a Victorian house in Teddington. When we see this colour, we think of red wine because the deep pink brings vintage into modern living spaces without overpowering a room. Especially in high traffic areas such as a hallway, stairs and landing.

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Image of Bedroom Wallpapering Teddington