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The project.

Our Putney painters and decorators carried out an end of tenancy painting and decorating for a private landlord in Putney, South West London.

This end of tenancy painting project required not just high professional standards with cleanliness but speed too because there was a tenant in waiting so Phantom Painters and Decorators were brought in – Putney’s Painter and Decorator.


On first sight, this one-bedroom flat in Putney, did not need any painting and decorating, especially with the abundance of natural light shining into this 4th floor flat. But the landlord clearly cared about their property investment as well as pleasing the new tenants. All ceilings and walls were in standard Pure Brilliant White matt emulsion, only in some parts it was not so brilliant.

Before we commenced painting and decorating of this flat, our Putney Painter and Decorator removed all curtain poles, soft furnishings and protected all bedding, sofas etc. Lampshades were removed and floor rugs rolled up and stowed away under protected sheeting. To protect the wood floorcovering, we placed low tack masking to the skirting board edge so we could paint closely and quickly. Our Putney Painter also used low-tack masking tape to protect the clean chrome door hinges to ensure a professional sharp finish.

When our Putney Painter started painting and decorating, he focused on the kitchen that required a little more attention due to some signs of discolouration around the cooker, hob and extraction fan. All ceilings and walls were roll painted in Dulux Pure Brilliant White throughout the apartment. Our Putney Painter had to work effectively and efficiently not just because of time constraints but limited room to manoeuvre while carrying out painting and decorating, especially in the bedroom.

After completing the walls and ceiling, our Putney painter started to paint all woodwork using an hard-wearing acrylic eggshell, which is the paint we recommend for flat rentals.

During this work, our painter and decorator, who is highly qualified, disappointingly noticed that the MDF fitted cupboard doors were previously painted in a matt emulsion – the same paint applied to the plaster walls. This is evidence of the previous painter and decorator cutting corners to save time. An emulsion paint, particularly matt emulsion, is not designed for wood, only plaster surfaces. Our painter and decorator soon put this right by painting all doors in acrylic eggshell to give a soft sheen distinctive to the matt walls.

When our Putney Painter and Decorator had completed the painting and decorating, all floor and surface protection were removed and all soft furnishings reinstated, including lampshades, curtains, rugs and sofas so the Putney flat is ready to welcome its new tenants.

The result.

As we mentioned earlier, on first sight it did not seem this Putney flat needed painting. But once we had completed the painting and decorating, it clearly made a difference. Granted, it might look more clinical, as with many Putney rental properties but this can be made less sterile by the tenants themselves when moving in and installing soft-furnishings, artwork and plants.

The advantage in having this Putney flat painting is so that the tenancy property condition report will clearly state that this Putney flat was recently decorated – and the landlord will be able to prove this – so any damage to the property, beyond fair wear and tear, can be clearly identified avoiding protracted tenancy deposit disputes. Additionally, by having this Putney rental flat decorated between tenancies, the landlord is protecting their long term investment to keep rental market values as high as possible.

From the tenant’s perspective, they will feel that the tenancy rent they have agreed to, is good value for money. They may also feel more at home and likely to stay in this Putney flat for longer when it feels clean and new throughout.

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